About Us

We are an Asset Management Advisory Group that specializes in providing guaranteed ROI investment opportunities to the average investor.

To us, you aren’t just a number, but a person. And we do everything we can to help you live a higher-quality life, through the benefits of our asset management services.


It’s NOT Just About Money For Us

At our Asset Management Wealth Advisory Group, we believe that the reason WHY we do anything, is what matters most. It’s not about what you do, it’s about WHY you do it. To us, we believe in truly making the world a better place, through creating give-back projects, in order to funnel the profit we earn, towards making a positive difference on the planet.

We are going through intense changing times, on a global scale, and the only way we can make it through this STRONGER, is by truly CARING about each other. This is why we seek to not only provide asset management to the everyday investor, but to also create a reliable stream of passive income, which you and your family can rely on, for years to come.

We believe being a Wealth Advisory Group during these fast-changing times is about truly putting the People and the Planet first. So, we give back at least 10% of all profits earned, to non-profits that seek to bring equality, food, housing, and real-world education to the children of tomorrow.

By trusting us with your wealth management, you aren’t just securing your financial future. You are giving back and making a positive difference on the planet through the countless give-back projects that we direct our profit towards. We invite you to be a part of something bigger, by investing with us.

Your Investment Matters

Above all, we put People and the Planet first. We give back at least 10% of all profits earned to NGOs who are bringing real-world positive change to this planet.


To create financial security and reliable long-term passive income streams to the average investor. We are here to bring peace of mind and a deep sense of financial assurance, to all our investors by making asset management as simple and profitable as possible.


We envision a world where people no longer have to sacrifice every day of their lives, working at a job they don’t like, just to fend for themselves and provide for their family. We envision a world where passive income, through smart investing and asset management, yields a true reality of financial freedom for us all.


Transparency, Honesty, Communication, Service, Giving Back, Generosity, and THEN Profits. In that order. We believe true money is made by CARING about a bigger picture, and making a positive difference in people’s lives.


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Recent Years

The Proof is in The Numbers


We continue to stay in profit, even when the global economy and stock markets crash.

  • Launch of the QTM blockchain token
  • Security Protocols Enhanced
  • Margin Trading Contracts Launched
  • During the March 2020 stock market crash, our Fund stayed in profit
  • On target to earn more than $60M in profit for clients
  • Will raise the Fund’s total assets managed by over 2x
  • Opening representative offices of the Fund in 7 new countries


From 0 to 100, in less than one year.

  • Assets Managed Reached $100M
  • $21.7M Paid in Profit to Clients
  • 25,000+ Client Accounts
  • Awarded the ‘2019 Innovation Leader in Finance and Investments’ in China ‘2019 Innovation Leader in Finance and Investments
  • Launched our website in 8 languages
  • QHF CEO, Jan Jansen, made over 60 working tours globally
  • 2019 Average Monthly Profit of Fund: 15.35%


We hit the ground running, through an incredibly successful launch of the Quantum Hedge Fund.

  • Formation of the Advisory Team
  • Fund’s Registration & Compliant Legal Documentation within Regulatory Standards
  • Asset Management Licensing Acquired
  • 14 Complex AI Trading Algorithms Developed
  • Alpha Website Launched
  • 2018 Average Monthly Profit of Fund: 18.54%
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Meet Our Team

Our digital asset management process is overseen by some of the cryptocurrency industry’s most prominent leaders, speakers and thinkers.

Jan Janssen

Jan Janssen


Froystein Bakke<br />

Froystein Bakke<br />

Chief of Sales Department

Reuben Godfrey

Reuben Godfrey

Fund Advisor

Thomas Enechi

Thomas Enechi

Fund Advisor

Ian Scarffe

Ian Scarffe

Fund Advisor

Nikitas Papatsos

Nikitas Papatsos



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asset management wealth advisory group

Asset Management Wealth Advisory Group

We are an Asset Management Wealth Advisory Group that specializes in Guaranteed ROI investments, to the average North American investor. We believe that high-ROI investment opportunities should be available to everybody, not just the top 1%. So we do everything we can to be the best asset management group through our proprietary services, to help the general public create financial security, no matter what happens in the economy.