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Our asset management process is taken care of through an easy-to-use, self-managed dashboard, that is available once you register for a free account.

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Learn how our investment contracts work by watching this video here. Then visit this page, to get accurate projections for how much you could earn with the different investment vehicles we provide.


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Learn everything you need to know about Bitcoin, exactly what it is, how it is revolutionizing the finance world, and how to purchase through the Bitcoin Masterclass here.


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asset management services

Algorithmic Trading

We use 42 different Qualitative Analysis AI Algorithmic Trading Systems that trade the highest-liquidity market pairs, 24/7.


Manual Trading

We have an expert team of manual traders and asset management professionals, with experience managing institutional funds at the 9 figure level.

Free Cash

Used for additional investments in asset management to ensure maximum profitability and diversification of portfolio risks.


Initial Coin Offerings. Security Token Offerings. Initial Exchange Offerings. For IPOs in the crypto-world. High return, moderate risk investments.


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Asset Management Wealth Advisory Group

We are an Asset Management Wealth Advisory Group that specializes in Guaranteed ROI investments, to the average North American investor. We believe that high-ROI investment opportunities should be available to everybody, not just the top 1%. So we do everything we can to be the best asset management group through our proprietary services, to help the general public create financial security, no matter what happens in the economy.