How to Register an Account

Signing up for quantum hedge fund on the homepage click the Sign In button next click the register now button enter your email.

Your password confirm password your name, your surname fill in the CAPTCHA, the read and agree to Terms of Use, privacy policy and click.

The sign up button, you should receive a confirmation, email find the email and click the activate button on the home page click  the Sign In button enter your email, your password fill in the CAPTCHA click, the login button.

 investment management

Congratulations: you have created a personal account, verifying your account on the account page click, the profile, icon, find and click the start.

Verification button fill in the form, your name, your surname, your date of birth, your phone number country of residence read and agree to the verification terms and conditions, click, the start, verification button.

Congratulations: You have now verified your account. Investing at wantem hedge fund on the account page, you can add funds to your wallet or you can certain vesting straightaway by creating a new investment plan to create a new investment plan, you need to fill out the new investment form by total sum of the contract Currency of the contract, choosing the term of the contract click the invest now button.

You now need to pay for the contract and click the I paid button. After successful confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email with an investment certificate which will have all your details on it.

After activation of your investment plan, you can use your account page to check the profits ability of investments for every reporting period profile.

Details on the accounts, page click, the profile icon. Next click, the user, icon, choose your profile picture click, the load, button find and fill out the public profile form and click the confirm button. You can add more security to your account by enabling Google Authenticator go back to the home page by clicking on the company logo.

Here you can find and download advertising materials, presentations and company documents lower down. You can find quantum hedge fund, social media. Thank you for choosing quantum hedge fund