Video Tour of Our Office

Hey guys my name is Jan Janssen and right now we’re in our central office of the quantum hedge fund.

Lots of our partners were asking me to show them around to maybe give them a quick turn around their office and well let’s just go and check you this out what’s going on.

So let’s go and see that so welcome to the very heart of our quantum a hedge fund so let me give you a quick tour.

Let me show you around these beautiful people right here take care of all the events that we have they organize ours both in summits.

You can see our risk management department these guys work very closely with our prop trading and algorithm departments.

asset management firm

This is the place where our prop traders work well right now everyone is having a lunch so this is it well here is a free room that we have booked for expanding our support desk which is quite important because we already work with more than 37 countries.

We have to hire lots of people and this is something really special about our office as you know our traders work under really high tension every day and market is very volatile so these two ladies are professional psychologists that help you know to ease down the pressure a little bit for our employees and just to make sure they feel find the whole time.

This is a meeting room when we’re three departments meet together and discuss our trading plans that we should go for and well let’s say here is the face of our company this is the support desk Department just come in and meet the new people.

Hey guys say hi to the camera man so these people make sure that our clients get the support 24/7 and all the questions all the questions they have are resolved immediately meet Paul Kay’s the head of our support department and he takes care of know organizing everything just making sure that everything works flawlessly.

So I guess that’s pretty much it and it was great pleasure to meet you at our office and well I’m looking forward to see you.