Past, Present & Future of Our Fund

Ladies and gentlemen, dear clients and fathers of quantum Hedge Fund.

Hi, my name is Jan Janssen and the CEO and founder of the quantum Hedge Fund.

In this video I wanted to talk about our past our present and our vision for the future starting with the recent changes we had a fermented and major update of our CRM platform.

Making sure that step-up and user experience of our clients and our partners to the next level.

We make sure that every step from registration to making your investment is simple and is convenient for anybody in any part of the world so that is why we also had uploaded the detailed instructions to our website and also working on the video.

Instructions that we uploaded really soon another thing that we were really excited to announce is the quantum hedge fund trading systems update with a better stage.

I think that we have demonstrated pretty good results for the whole time of our operations.

We had demonstrated almost 200% of aerolite the average monthly return what 16.5% we paid over 60 million years dollars for our investors in return so these are great results and what’s most importantly we managed to maintain this momentum.

 strategic asset management plan

Throughout the different stages of the market the market burned down Galactic went up the market on Sundays we demonstrated the same stable results you know despite the market circumstances do we believe that we can step up the performance and the increase the monthly return indicated as a belief we do currently.

I’m really excited to share that piece of the interview is that we are many and many several new algorithms to our elderly complex and my team and myself personally are absolutely sure that it will increase the monthly return of our investment product without compromising any of the security protocols of quantum hedge fund risk management.

We also announced that the better stage of our agency program which means that we actively promote and go with full-on marketing with our social media.

We post our investment product reviews and interviews on the block chain cryptocurrency website.

We are studying the all the inquiries from our partners and willing to help to support any kind of advance of the educational events organization in your region.

So another important thing that we had posted on our YouTube channel and this is the thing that many of you were asking before in that we demonstrated some of the backstage of quantum hedge fund trading and showed what it actually looks like.

In this video we demonstrated one of our algorithms we demonstrated one of our active trading accounts advanced we showed in detail our orders and trading orders history in connection to the trading view ideas posted on our official trading page.

So basically we tell everyone that you can basically follow these ideas and make money on your own but obviously yes, we use this we use our trading view page to prove our competence and market analysis also we demonstrated the innovation.

It’s really innovative traded terminal of quantum hedgehog a software that allows our traders you know analysts to assess the prospects of the cryptocurrency market in a moment and in the future.

We actively continue to actively build the credibility and the awareness of quantum hedge funds around the globe.

In the beginning of July I was in Shanghai China visiting the global innovation forum and it was a great pleasure for me that the local experts highly valued the expertise of quantum hedge fund and our product and we received the 2019 innovation leader in finance.

This is really awesome for portal for all of us and myself to you personally and the team then I had a chance to visit a blog but our virtual conference where I had a chance to meet with local government officials and discuss with them the points of calculations that we can use in future they will help us build awareness.

We will help a lot of people to educate in block chain and cryptocurrencies and actually know what the cryptocurrencies investment is all about.

We were also really excited to post the milestones section on our website so now you are able to see what the long term plan of quantum headphone looks like.

Basically we describe in details our roadmap all the way to 2022 and the roadmap is you know and the development is connected to our development of quantum object and the evolution of QT articles.

So these two innovative technologies together will definitely project quantum cash fund as a leader in innovations in finance and also make us not just the hedge fund but the whole financial ecosystem that offers the several kinds of financial services.

I based on possibly one of the most secure block chain protocols currently available on the market.

I’m talking about the micro and macro transactions social and economic interaction platforms insurance services and also ecommerce integrations and many more so we’re taking the evolution step by step.

Currently it is used as an indicator to measure, the agency network size and performance there were definite to the QT inversion to our agents will be able to gain additional profit and then we’ll finally release the QT and version 3 based on the quantum block chain and the capabilities,

Here are real, you know just crazy, so they’re really excited about that you just you know keep an eye on our updates and announcements that we post on our website.

So the last one but not the least I would like to congratulate all of you that completed our promotion target and join us and the GoPro recruiting mastery in Las Vegas and we had announced the next promo event which will be the quantum H-bomb body summit which is also really amazing.

Make sure that you check all the details and announcements on our website and I guess this is it for this video it was a pleasure so if you are not yet with us then we should definitely join and walk into the new era of Finance together with us thank you.